In our society we have forgotten how to relax, stress has become a large factor in our life. The negative effects of stress have been well documented and modern medicine accepts the need to relieve this powerful hindrance to our health and happiness.

The odd thing is that it is not that difficult to relax. We start our classes with a relaxation and 99% of people, 10 minutes into their first yoga class, are feeling much more relaxed and simply feel better.

Learning how to relax, with the right setting and instruction, is not difficult! It is just that we have not experienced it.

At the end of your first class you will be amazed at how good you feel.

Yes, there will be gentle stretches to take the strain off your back, neck and joints, and yes there will be postures which not only help your strength and fitness but work the internal organs, cardiovascular system, the endocrine system and the nervous system. However, the greatest benefit will be the way you feel.

A Professor at Harvard Medical School while researching the benefits of the yogic breathing exercises once said "If stress can cause disease then peace and calm can cause health."

Come along and try it, learn how to bring some peace of mind into your daily life!

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