Simon Adel
There would be few teachers in the world with the breadth of experience and knowledge of Simon Adel, the Director of Port Yoga. Yet he teaches with humour and kindness, and in a manner that enables people of all ages and levels of flexibility and fitness to benefit.

Simon has been teaching yoga and meditation in Australia, America, Europe and India full-time for over 30 years and has taught over 15,000 yoga classes.

Simon is well known for his capacity to use his voice to help people relax, or as Brian Johnston put it in the Sunday Telegraph a soothing murmur that would hypnotise a snake. The classes always finish with Meditation and Relaxation and people float home.

He opened his first school, The Randwick School of Yoga, in 1986. For ten years he taught yoga as therapy, and studied Anatomy and Physiology at The University of NSW to help his understanding of the physical aspects of yoga.

Simons interests then moved on to the deeper aspects of yoga; relaxation and meditation. He spent 3 years in India studying with the Indian Masters, including 2 years managing a meditation retreat deep in the desert of Rajasthan.

He moved from the desert of Rajasthan to Washington DC, where for five years he managed a large Yoga Institute and was the President of the American branch of an international non-profit community service organisation promoting yoga and meditation.

10 years of teaching yoga as therapy and his studies at UNSW gave Simon a deep understanding of the human body. 15 years working for non-profit organizations dedicated to bringing the benefits of yoga and meditation to the world, and the years studying with the Masters in India, gave him an understanding of the mind and how to help people overcome the stress and tension so prevalent in our lives.

All are welcome to any class, so you dont need to book, everything is provided, so you dont need to bring anything and the hardest thing about the yoga class is walking through the door, so just come along.